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Growing a Brand Should Not Be Difficult

Without the practical skills you need to build a brand, grow a business and sell your products on Amazon, it’s going to cost you…

Your brand won't grow

You'll make costly mistakes

You'll keep guessing what went wrong

You don’t have to go through Amazon suspensions, failed product launches, throwing good advertising money down the toilet while wondering what went wrong.

Join Branding by Intent and get just-in-time knowledge when you need it most, as you are building your business.

Don't get an expensive course just so you can sound like a businessperson! With this membership, you’ll actually know how your eCommerce business works and how to grow it.

Branding by Intent is AUD199 per month

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Our ever-growing library of on-demand content takes the mystery out of growing your brand and stays up to date with Amazon changes

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Once a month, Calliope holds a members-only Livestream to teach you about one value-adding aspect of your eCommerce business

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Once a week, Calliope holds a members-only Workshop to coach you on crucial business topics and answer your questions

Branding by Intent is AUD199 per month

Our Next Member-Exclusive Event is Happening Soon!

Turn your Single Product into a brand... even without investing more money

6 August 2021, 10am-12pm AEST

In this Live Branding by Intent Webinar, Calliope walks you through a brand-building framework that will help you create a powerful branding strategy.

This session is for Private Label Sellers who have started with one or more products on Amazon and are getting some sales, but their business hasn’t taken off yet. Or you might have listed your eBay inventory on Amazon, and you don’t see the same success. Whatever your circumstances, you can cross-promote or brand your existing inventory.

Hint: it’s not about spending more money on inventory and PPC! 

Cross-promote your brand and get on your way to selling more, faster! 

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Branding by Intent is AUD199 per month

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Every eCommerce business needs a leader who has skills across six main fields: 

  1. Research & Development
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Branding
  4. Marketing
  5. Advertising
  6. Sales & customer service

When you are selling your products on Amazon FBA, it’s Amazon that takes care of the pick, pack, shipping and customer service parts of your business. Everything else is up to you, the brand owner and seller. 

If you don’t have 6 University degrees in all of the fields above like most of us, you will spend the better part of a decade learning those skills in practice to build your brand. 

We’ll help you master them while you’re building your business instead! 

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Master Key Business Skills

There are 6 skills needed to build an eCommerce business. Research & Development, Manufacturing, Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Sales/Finances. We’ll help you master them all.


Grow Your Brand

Mastering business isn’t hard. You just need a guide. Get access to Branding by Intent and feel confident that your business will grow.


Branding by Intent is AUD199 per month

How can you create and grow your brand?

The market is flooded with online self-help courses, outdated training and cult-like hype. Some of the same media that will teach you to sell on Amazon will also teach you to invest in dodgy shares.

But what do you actually need to learn to create a more robust business? Branding by Intent is all about helping you master the critical areas of business. If you understand the basics of research, development, manufacturing, branding, marketing, advertising, sales, and cash flow, your business will thrive.

Branding by Intent is AUD199 per month

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Branding by Intent is AUD199 per month


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